Welcome to the RP4LT Collaborative

Welcome to the RP4LT Collaborative! This is an international registry that has been created by liver transplant professionals for liver transplant professionals, in order to fill a gap in the knowledge surrounding alternative forms of liver revascularization in the setting of complex portal vein thrombosis.

Portal vein thrombosis can be found in up to a quarter of patients with cirrhosis, and complex portal vein thrombosis in the setting of liver transplantation is a unique and important medical and surgical challenge. Renoportal anastomosis is a primary alternative to standard graft revascularization in these cases, though publications in the medical literature detailing outcomes with this approach are scarce, with <70 cases reported to date worldwide (D’Amico Transpl Int 2019; Bhangui J Hepatol 2019). Information regarding other approaches, such as anastomosis between the left gastric vein, pericholedochal varices, or the inferior vena cava (cavoportal transposition) is even more scarce.

The aim of RP4LT is to create an international, multicenter cohort of patients for the purpose of analyzing indications, techniques, and outcomes in a manner that encourages reporting of all cases and reduces the risk of biased results due to underreporting.

All liver transplants centers are encouraged to:

  1. Read the study protocol and determine if you might have cases to submit to RP4LT.
  2. Read the instructions on how to use this platform.
  3. Contact us to request your credentials to submit cases and join the RP4LT team.
  4. Fill out a brief email survey regarding general data regarding your center.
  5. Use your credentials to start submitting cases.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at any point.

The RP4LT Team